Welcome to GGS.Net!  We are a technical consulting firm specializing in assisting companies with their Networking needs. We are located in the Scenic Rogue River Valley of Oregon, USA.

We can assist your company with business consulting or system design, specializing in data networking, wireless and fiber optic systems.

Some Projects we have worked with:
  Hunter Communications - These guys have a very cool fiber optic network covering most of South Central Oregon.
  Ashland Fiber Network - Municipal High Speed Fiber Optic, Cable Modem and CATV system.
  Tack in the Box - Online Equestrian Emporium
  Carrousel Farm - Lipizzan Horses
  GreenSprings Inn - For a break from the ordinary, check out their website, and book a room.
  GreenSprings Fire and Rescue
  Green-Springs.Net - Community Network
  Pinehurst School Foundation - Where people still care about kids, a small school with a big heart.
  Pinehurst School District 94

Check out the Greensprings Summit Cam  Sponsored by GGS.Net

We have experience with just about every phase of computer system design and data networking with over 20 years of experience in the field.

For more information, drop us a note or give us a call at:

richard.holbo@ggs.net - 541.890.8067















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